To become a member of the Corporation you must be a Ngarabal or Kwiambal descendant and have proof of genealogy, be over the age of eighteen years. Our Rule Book is found at the Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations Severn River, Ngarabal and Kwiambal Aboriginal Corporation Rule Book.  The membership application is page 14.  Please send the completed form to email:

Confirmation of Aboriginality

Confirmation of Aboriginality policy

It is not usual practice for the Corporation to endorse Confirmation of Aboriginality papers. 

To be eligible for a Confirmation of Aboriginality the person must be proven active member of the Severn River Ngarabal and Kwiambal Aboriginal Corporation and the Ngarabal community for at least five years. Prove Ngarabal dependency and identify as Ngarabal.  

Consultation payments

Our rate for cultural consultation is $120 per hour excluding GST.

If the consultants homebase is over three hours from the consultancy, additional costs will be added to the consultancy cost travel, accommodation and meal allowances as per the Remuneration Tribunal Official travel rates, Tier 3 .